Feeling down .. 

It is sad and hard at the same time when you do everything you can do to cheer yourself up and to change your mood but yet nothing changes .. 

You feel that the problem is within you .. and you slowly start losing hope and start beliving that this is going to be it for the rest of your life .. 

So negative thoughts start to come to your head .. suicide is on top of them .. you may plan it .. and think of it over and over again .. but each time something will stop you .. or you will stop yourself by seeking help .. 

But what if you reach that point when you don’t care anymore about anything ?! What will happen next ?! 

I guess we shouldn’t wait to reach that point .. any person who is having thoughts of suicide should be treated seriously .. should have enough support .. it is not a silly thing .. it is so serious .. 

I hope that our society take care of the person instead of blaming him or her and making them look like a guilty person .. because it is not their fault .. it is their disease .. they are suffering .. they need help .. they don’t need someone to tell them you will go to hell .. or you have lost your mind .. or this is insane .. or how could you do this .. or why didn’t you think of your family .. or .. or .. or .. etc .. 

They need help .. support .. healing .. and that is not an easy thing to give a person who suffered for a long time .. maybe all the things you know to make him or her feel better won’t help .. maybe the medication won’t be helpful too .. it can be complicated .. 

But never lose hope .. as long as it may last .. there is always hope and light at the end of the tunnel .. there is always a possibility of new techniques .. new medications .. new therapists .. so don’t lose hope .. 


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