You who are struggling 

It’s hard to be broken into peices everytime you try to stick yourself together and hold on .

It’s hard to keep trying over and over again .

You get tired and exhusted at the end . 

You start thinking of goving up .

Negative thoughts will start coming to your brain .

And you will feel so weak and tired .

You will see the world so dark and gloomy .
But hold on for a second .

Did you tried to change your way of dealing with rhings ?! .

Did you ask for help ?! .

Did you talk to Allah about it ?! . 

Did you do all of that before thinking of giving up ?! . 

If you haven’t, then you should .

If you have, then you should do it again harder and with more faith that it will work out . 

(You who are struggling .. I wish you peace and happiness) .. ♡


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