It is so hard to be in the middle of people but so detached from them .. between everyone but feeling so lonely .. can’t talk or hear what they are saying .. just keeping a smile on your face but in reality you are in a far a way place from them all .. not focusing on a word they say .. you try to .. you just can’t .. you feel that your mind is blocked .. you may feel embarrassed if you got suddenly asked a question .. or asked to share your opinion .. you may make up anything .. but you will feel so nervous and anxious and so embarrassed .. it is not in your hand .. it is just because your mind is so overwhelmed .. so why don’t you try to do something about it .. ?! 

Talking to a friend maybe .. ?! 

Writing things down maybe .. ?! 

Painting things out .. ?! 

Walking by the sea .. ?! 

You choose .. 

Just don’t let things in .. 

Because they need to come out .. and if you don’t let them .. then they will come out in an unexpected ways .. and embarrassing ways .. 

Besides .. we all need to ventilate every now and then .. 

So don’t reach that point ..


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