People’s reaction

People might tell you they understand you .. and care about you .. but in their mind they are screaming and saying : just get over it .. it is not a big deal .. And you can feel that from their body language .. from their voice .. their look .. you can feel what they are not saying straight to your face .. and it hurts .. because they are kind of lying to you .. they say they care .. but do they ? 

They say they understand .. but truly do they ?

They think we cannot feel what they are not saying .. but that is not true .. because we can .. It might look like a silly problem to them .. but not for us .. it is bigger than what they think .. and it is really effecting us on a daily basis .. we try to hide it .. and try to look like we are taking control of it .. We try to look stronger than what we really feel .. but at the end of the day .. we all need someone to support us .. to really understand us .. and don’t judge us .. but do we have that person ??

That’s the question 


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