Healing ..

I haven’t grief 

I was trying all the time to be strong

I didn’t let go 

I was holding hope and believing that things i have lost will come back 

But they wont

I have lost a lot of time thinking wrongly

And now i should not waste more time
I wanted my parents to believe that i had a problem 

But they refused 

I played the role of the victim .. 

I kept hurting myself more and more after every disappointment i got from my parents .. and even from some of my dear people .. 
My wounds can now heal .. but i know that the scars in my body and soul will always be there .. to remind me of who i am and who i will become .. which is a new strong person .. who have been born from those wounds .. 
Now i can allow myself to feel all the pain .. to feel all the battle i lost .. to feel the greif .. and then let go .. 
I no longer want to play the role of the victim .. i am done with that .. i got enough of lessons from that .. and now i am learning to be a new person .. who will let go of the past .. but still remember it .. but in a different way .. in a way that can make me feel proud and glad that i have cross over all these things and still be alive .. 
Now i should focus on my porpuse in this life .. i should grow from within .. and glow in the dark .. 

I should be that future psychiatrist who is going to change people’s lives forever .. 
I have learnet my lesson .. and now i shall begin a new chapter in my life ..

I think I need to be honest .. to be the authentic me .. 
I think I reached that point where there is no more going down cuz i hit the bottom already .. 
Cutting myself is becoming a habbit  ..

But enough is enough .. 

I suffered alot .. 

And now it is time to take care of myself .. 
I think i have put my hand on the core of my wounds .. now I just have to clean it .. close it .. and move on ..

That is what should be done .. 


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