In relationships. .

I can’t be the one who always start the conversation .. the one who asks .. who try to show that she is here .. I can’t keep doing that if I don’t get back the same .. or even less .. actually I don’t get anything .. only when I start then I may or may not be asked a simple question like how am I doing .. 

Maybe it’s a silly thing .. but sometimes .. the small things in our life take a big part of it and we usually don’t recognise it .. let me show you how .. well .. let’s imagine a person we love .. a person who is so close to us .. maybe this person is not even alive .. but we still can remember him or her .. let’s focus a little bit on that person .. lets try to see that person as if he/she is alive and infront of us and with us .. while we do that .. i am sure you have remembered the small things .. maybe the way that person smile .. talk .. walk .. the smell of the perfume they use .. the sparkle in their eyes .. these all are small things .. maybe we don’t recognise them .. but they take a big part .. and often they matters to us more than what we think .. 

So back to our point .. if the other person doesn’t show us the smallest intrest or call it whatever you like .. then how are we supposed to keep giving and giving without receiving back a little thing .. 

How can we call that a relationship .. it is not .. absolutely not .. this is not how a relationship should be .. 

We can try to talk to the other person .. and show them how we feel .. we can ask for more care .. more attention .. or even more love .. or anything .. we can ask once .. twice .. but how many times more shall we keep asking .. 

There are things that lose their meaning once we ask for them .. like attention .. it is not the same if it come with asking .. 

So yes we might ask .. but then .. there is this thing that will be broke inside of us and will never heal ..

Because this relationship is not going to last .. we know that .. but we want to hold on to every small peice of hope .. 

We want it to work .. because we really love the other person .. we really respect and care about that person .. and yes we have been trying not to focus on the things we are not having .. but at the end we know this won’t last .. 

It’s a relationship from one side only .. 

So sure it will not last .. 

Unless the other person finally got to realise that there is a big part he/she is not doing correctly .. a part that is necessary for this reltionship to last ..

Otherwise .. it is done ..


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