Self focused time ..

Sorry that I haven’t write anything lately ..

I was so focused on myself .. I put a plan to myself and I was trying so hard to work it out  .. well .. you know how hard it is for a depressed person to do anything .. so unfortunately I couldn’t do everything of the plan .. but I did most of the think ..

This made me feel slightly better .. so I kept focusing on it ..

I finished reading 4 books .. Today I finish a 7 day diet program which I have lost 5 Kg from .. I do regular exercise 5 days a week .. I sometimes tidy my room and sometimes I don’t .. I help mom with washing the dishes .. I was supposed to paint but I didn’t .. I didn’t spend much time with family .. I didn’t write much and didn’t express my feelings ..

It may sounds simple for a normal person .. but it was so hard for me .. but I think this time I will say that I am proud of just trying .. no matter what the results are ..


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