What would you do if you had no limits of time, money, support and energy ?? 

My online therapist asked me few days ago : what would you do if you had no limits ? No limits of time, money, support from others, energy, what would you do? Where would you go ? What would you create ? What would you own ? How would you give back ?

She asked me to write at least 20 things without overthinking it .. 
So here is what I wrote :

1. I want to become a psychiatrist to help people who may be suffering just like me 

2. Want to become a trainer to give workshops and presentations about self development and body language and other stuffs 

3. Want to help orphan kids with their studies by giving them monthly money and homes and support 

4. To learn and to develop my hobby in art specially in painting 

5. To have my own home designed the way I want 

6. To have part of my own home for animals like cats and rabbits .. turtles and fish

7. To write a nobel about my own life with my suffering with different medications and different doctors and different diagnoses and how I tried to overcome it 

8. I want to visit different countries around the world and see the different traditions and the ways of living 

9. I want to buy a new car 

10. I want to have classes in art therapy so I can teach and give people classes in art therapy 

11. I want to have a collection of all my old writings in arabic and english in one big book for me to remember and to keep for ever 

12. I want to be slim and healthy and loose weight 

13. I want to do laser for my eyes so I don’t have to wear lenses or glasses anymore 

14. To have my own library with all the books that I want to have and I want to read 

15. To go for Hajj in Mekkah 

16. To pay all debts on my father 

17.To help my brothers to get married if they want

18. To open projects for my siblings and parents and myself each in the thing each of us love for example for me I would like to open a centre for self development where there will be classes and workshops in art therapy .. in body language .. in problem solving skills .. time management .. etc .. and it will be with very low fees for signing up .. because the important thing is to spread the knowledge and not to gain money 

19. I want to try living alone in a luxury hotel and take care of myself by having massage and everything 

20. I will surprise everyone who helped me and stand by my side with a great gift that will make them speechless just to show them how thankfull I am and how much I appreciate what they have done to me
Then she said .. these are your goals .. keep them .. and try to achieve them .. stay focused .. 

It felt great to do this exercise .. It brought out my real goals .. 
So how about you close your eyes for a minute .. imagine that you have a limitless support, money, time and energey .. and tell us what will you do ? Where would you go ? And how would you give back ?


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