What I learnt from my new kittens ..

17 days ago , my cat , Loli ,  gave birth to 4 cute kittens ..

This is her first time ..

she is living with my second cat , Kuchi , the male and the father of these kittens ..

My cats are always at home , never outside , so they haven’t see other cats .. 

Back to my point from all of this ..

I was watching Loli as she take care of her kittens , licking them to clean them after birth , and feed them , and how these blind kittens knew how to fed from their mother without seeing anything ..

All happened just by instinct .. 

Loli didn’t have anyone to teach her or show her how to deliver or to take care of the kittens after delivery .. But she knew exactly how and what to do , even though it was her first time ..

And those little kittens have no body told them that they have to go to that side exactly to have milk ( to their mother ) but they knew .. 

All of this made me say Subhan Allah .. Only Allah can teach them what to do .. Only Allah can let them know how to take care of themselves .. 

Subhan Allah .. 

He is the Creator ..

And he didn’t leave his creatures with giving tem instincts .. 

At 2 weeks from delivery , the kittens slowly started to open their eyes .. some opened before .. some oped later .. but now the all opened their eyes .. and they are moving more than befor .. and they are growing faster .. they stil can’t stand on their feet .. maybe it needs more week or two .. 

It is amazing to watch them growing .. and to say everyday Subhan Allah who have teach them and let them know how to take care of themselves ..


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