Keep smiling

Keep smiling .. no matter how weak you feel .. no matter how fragile you are .. keep smiling because you have survived yesterday .. and beleive me .. you will survive today as well .. just keep smiling .. because being sad won’t change anything .. it will only makes you feel worse .. but you know what .. smile .. let everyone see you as the happy person .. let them know you like that .. show them that face only .. the face of your strength .. the strength that no body knows how much it is taking from you to do it (to smile) except you .. you are the only person who know the struggle you are living in .. and it is in your hand to fight it back .. and not to give up .. 

So .. again my friend .. just smile .. no matter how rough your day is .. no matter how bad your situation is .. no matter what you are going through .. smile .. and put your faith in God .. and he will structure your future the way it is supposed to be .. just have faith in Him and smile my friend ..


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