Random words 

We meet different people everyday .. people in the work .. in the shops .. in the roads .. in the parties .. in everywhere we go to.. and we tend to go and say hi to those who look nice .. to those who for some reason enter our hearts without any introductions .. I am sure this has happened to you before .. maybe you were not the first to say hi .. maybe they have came to you first to say hi .. but then you told them .. or maybe they told you .. I felt I want to know you the moment I saw you .. didn’t that happened to you before ?? 

It is like if there is some sort of a special attraction between the both of you even before you both have met .. 

It is really special .. and those people stay in the heart .. and we tend to look at them in a good picture .. and defend them and love them and protect them .. we do that even if we don’t really know them that much .. but because for some reason they have got our hearts ..


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